Eclipse IP Cameras

Get to know our IP cameras and see what you have been missing. Our HD IP Cameras offer High Resolution and Advanced Features at a fraction of the cost of similar competitors cameras.

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Why Eclipse IP?

All the features of the Major brands

Eclipse IP Cameras offer all the major features of competitor cameras without the large price point. Eclipse IP Cameras are ONVIF and work with all the major IP platforms on the market. Eclipse offers a strong alternative and offers HD quaility and features you expect from similiar brands.

Live Footage of an Eclipse IP Camera

Feel free to compare our IP cameras to similar brand models. There is nothing like seeing actual video to compare technology. Eclipse IP cameras offer HD resolution at a fraction of the cost of IP competitors so why pay more?

Fully Control the Camera Settings via your Browser

Here is a quick look at the camera menu and features via a web browser.

Live Interface Functions

Here is a quick example of functions you can perform during live viewing of our IP cameras via a browser.

All your IP Cameras on Your Mobile App

Monitor your IP cameras directly via our app
or connect to our Eclipse NVR and see your cameras via your recorder.

Screen image


Our Eclipse IP Cameras are ONVIF compliant and work with the majority of ONVIF NVRs and Softwares on the Market

HD Resolution

Why pay more for Megapixel IP resolution? Eclipse offers more for less

Mix & Match

You can always use Eclipse cameras with existing IP cameras systems.

H265 Roadmap

Look for new H265 IP cameras coming soon! Half the bandwidth and storage.

Diamond in the Rough

Why sell what everyone else offers? Eclipse offers an Amazing solution that unique to our dealers.