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Signature Analytics

The word analytics can be scary and daunting. To many, analytics sounds confusing and hard to do. With Eclipse Signature deploying and setting up analytics is extremely easy. Our analytics will help you expand your product offerings and open you up to a new world of services you can offer your customers. The following guides will help you better understand analytics and show you how to implement them with your installations. You will be able to offer the latest analytics within minutes.

Signature Analytic 

Quick Guides

Face Detection

Face detection allows for fast search and playback of individual faces. Cuts down on search time with thumbnail search of detected faces. 

People Counting

Perfect for retail applications, people counting will monitor entering and exiting customers and offers full reporting of all consumers.

Line Crossing

Line crossing offers the ability to draw virtual fence lines in key areas that should not be crossed. Any object crossing the line triggers an alert and recording.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection surrounds an entire area that you choose and detects anything that crosses that area of concern.

Audio Detection

Often times security incidents are initiated or preceded by some type of noise. These incidents may involve e.g. gunshots, aggressive behavior, mechanical breakdowns, or breaking glass, Signature cameras with sound detection capability offer great value to your surveillance system.

Smart Search

Smart search and analytic search helps you find and playback video quickly. Our smart search features cut down on search time and allows you to find the incidents you need quickly and hassle free.  

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