Often times security incidents are initiated or preceded by some type of noise. These incidents may involve e.g. gunshots, aggressive behavior, mechanical breakdowns, or breaking glass, Signature cameras with sound detection capability offer great value to your surveillance system.


24/7 Monitoring

Signature cameras with Audio Detection continuously “listen” for pre-defined noises and initiates a push alert & recording when it hears something.

Get Notified

Signature Audio Detection enables early detection of gun shots, mechanical breakdowns, possible verbal aggression, and breaking glass. Cameras can then send an alert and stream real-time video footage to operators and early responders

Sudden Changes

Sudden changes in audio conditions can trigger Signature Audio Detection to alert you of a possible problem. You can set recording based off of sudden rise, sudden fall and or a sudden change in the audio environment.

Audio Detection Setup

Signature Audio Detection is very simple to setup and deploy.
Use our different test type scenarios to help you get started.
Follow these 6 Steps.


 Enter the NVR menu and select VCA and then Audio Detection.


Select the camera that you want to setup audio detection on.


 Click on the Test Type and choose the audio detection type you would like to setup.


Now adjust the Difference between common audio scene and the change in audio. ( you may need to keep adjusting till you get it perfect). Then click Audio Detection On. 


Now select arming schedule. Here you will determine when audio detection should trigger recording. Select the days and hrs you want audio to work, click on arming and save when completed.


Lastly select the trigger actions and select the same camera number under trigger recording to activate recording for that camera when audio is detected. Click save and you done setting up intrusion detection. 

Full Setup Video

Quick setup and video guide for Intrusion Detection.


Audio Detection FAQ's

Audio detection can supplement other analytics by also monitoring key areas for a change in audio changes. This helps you reduce false alarms and allows you to monitor live audio events as the occur.

Audio detection is ideal for monitoring constantly running motors such as generators or machines that may stop making audio noises when they stop working or make different noises when breaking down. Audio detection is alo perfect for monitoring quite areas that should have no audio at all like warehouses or prisons at night that should be quiet.

Yes, you can receive emails or push notifications when a change in audio is detected based on your setup of audio detection.

People counting is the only analytic function that needs to work independently. 

Face detection/Intrusion/Cross line can all work together, for a total
configuration up to 8 analytics

Audio detection is completely free and there is no additional license or fees charged for this feature. As long as the Signature camera supports audio detection you can use is free of charge.

Yes, you can use audio detection both indoors or outdoors. You can adjust the audio difference based on your needs for both indoor and outdoor usage.

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