Intrusion detection allows you to monitor key areas within the video that should not have moevment. Intrusion is perfect for monitoring hazardous areas, customs locations, danger zones and restricted areas of concern. It's a virtual security guard that monitors the area 24/7 and alerts you of changes that occur within that virtual area.


24/7 Monitoring

Don't depend on simple video recording, let intrusion detection be your 24hr security guard. Simply draw a square around the area of concern and let the system do the rest.

Mix Analytics

Use other signature analytics in conjunction with intrusion detection to provide the best possible security. As an example, you can use audio detection while monitoring a specific area to determine if someone is speaking in the room. 


Trigger alerts when someone enters the virtual intrusion area. Signature NVRs can send you a push notification when someone enters or leaves your pre-determined area. 

Smart Search

Using our analytics allows you to easily search for analytic events faster and easier than standard video searching. Look for triggers of specified analytics to get fast playback of events.

Intrusion Detection Setup

Signature Intrusion Detection is very simple to setup and deploy.
Simply draw around the area of concern to begin to protect your location.
Follow these 6 Steps.


 Enter the NVR menu and select VCA and then Intrusion Detection.


Select the camera that you want to setup intrusion detection on.


 Click on the intrusion detection on to activate intrusion detection for that camera.


Now select the start drawing button and proceed to draw around the area you want to protect on the video.  Set time threshold, sensitivity & percentage as needed. Then click finish drawing once you're done. 


Now select arming schedule. Here you will determine when intrusion detection should trigger recording. Select the days and hrs you want intrusion to work and click on arming and save when completed.


Lastly select the trigger actions and select the same camera number under trigger recording to activate recording for that camera when intrusion is detected. Click save and you done setting up intrusion detection. 

Full Setup Video

Quick setup and video guide for Intrusion Detection.


Video demo of intrusion detection playback

Watch video


Intrusion Detection FAQ's

Intrusion detection surrounds an entire area that you choose and will detect anything that crosses that threshold around those lines. Line detection only detects objects crossing that one line in the direction you need. 

Intrusion detection is perfect for warehouses that need to monitor hazard areas or high valued items, parking lots with restricted areas or any facility or home that needs access restricted. It's basically like a security guard monitring your area 24/7. 

Yes, you can receive emails or push notifications when a restricted area is breached based on your setup of intrucion detection.

People counting is the only analytic function that needs to work independently. 

Face detection/Intrusion/Cross line can all work together, for a total
configuration up to 8 analytics

People Counting is completly free and there is no additional license or fees charged for this feature. As long as the Signature camera supports People Counting you can use is free of charge. 

Yes, you can use Intrusion detection both indoors or outdoors. You can adjust the sensitivity, threshold and the percentage of the person or object entering the intrusion area based on your indoor or outdoor location.

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