People Counting

People counting is an advanced analytic feature that is fantastic for retail customers. Using our Signature IP cameras, you can offer customers the ability to document entering and exiting customers. Our Signature NVRs fully document and record all the entry and exits and even shows you in real-time how many people have entered and exited. With full reporting capability you can view and even download your statistics to see just how busy the customers business location is. 



For the cost of a single camera you can offer your customers the ability to track visitors. This helps you close quotes by offering more value to your installations.

Full Reporting

Not only will you record video of the Entry/Exit points but you will also offer your customers full reports of the entry and exits. You can see them on the NVR or download them to a PC.


Trigger alerts when you have visiting customers. Signature NVRs can send you a push notification when someone enters or leaves your premise. 

Smart Search

Using our analytics allows you to easily search for analytic events faster and easier than standard video searching. Look for triggers of specified analytics to get fast playback of events.

People Counting Setup

Signature People Counting is very simple to setup and deploy.
The camera must be installed directly overhead and not at an angle.
Follow these 6 Steps.


 Enter the NVR menu and select VCA and then People Counting.


Select the camera that you want to setup people counting on.


 Click on the Start Drawing button and proceed to draw a line where customers will enter or exit the location.


Select the entering direction. This will tell the NVR which direction the customer enters. The opposite direction would be counted as an exit. 


Shoulder demarcation should be active to detect multiple people. Use the mouse to adjust the area of entry/exit with blue lines shown.


Lastly select the sensitivity level based on your needs. You may need to adjust this again later. Click save and your all done. You will see Entry & Exit numbers displayed on the top left corner of the video. 

Full Setup Video

Quick setup and video guide for People Counting.


Video demo of people counting playback and reporting

Watch video


People Counting FAQ's

Face Detection detects people faces and can be used to trigger alarms. It helps to reduce false alarm in general.

People counting detects  entry ane exits and does not keep track of persons face. It is used mainly to record and document foot traffic.

People counting is ideal for retail location and even events. It automatically will record and document all entry and exit for vistors. This information is very valuable to those looking for analytical data of foot traffic.  

Yes, using shoulder demarcation you can count multiple people entering or exiting at the same time.

People counting is the only analytic function that needs to work independently. 

Face detection/Intrusion/Cross line can all work together, for a total
configuration up to 8 analytics

People Counting is completly free and there is no additional license or fees charged for this feature. As long as the Signature camera supports People Counting you can use is free of charge. 

Yes, you can export reports to a USB to store the visiting information for later. This is perfect for businesses and event coordinators that need reporting for foot traffic.

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