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Commonly referred to as a RJ45 or RJ45C style connector, this 8-pin connector is used primarily to terminate Ethernet or powered Ethernet (power-over-Ethernet or PoE) network cables.
ECL-1190 compression connector with colored rings for coding cables for identification.
The ECL-601 is a quality outdoor security camera housing designed for full size professional surveillance cameras.
The ECL-601S is a shorter version of our ECL-601 outdoor housing, and is designed for shorter surveillance camera
This aluminum box can be opened at either end and is designed for indoor surveillance cameras.
The ECL-605 provides a basic clamshell, weatherproof security camera housing with a latch.
This clamshell enclosure is designed for outdoor installation.
This outdoor clamshell-style enclosure is made from aluminum and is a couple inches shorter than our standard size clamshell housing (ECL-605).
Large outdoor housing.
Designed for indoor ceiling installation.
This passive balun connects a BNC coax cable to 8-conductor twisted pair cable (RJ-45).
This passive balun connects a BNC coax cable to 8-conductor twisted pair cable (RJ-45).
This video balun has 4 channels, connects BNC to coaxial cable, and has a filtered serial data line.
Designed for connection at the DVR side for signal filtering.
This passive balun connects a coax cable to a 2-conductor cable (we recommend CAT 5 twisted pair) using a simple terminal block.
This receiver is an active amplifier.
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