Signature CMS Software

Eclipse ES-Station is a video management software solution designed to manage Signature IP cameras, Network Video Recorders, Signature VMS Servers, and Signature video wall controllers. Manage up to 256 local channels while viewing 36 cameras at one time in live mode, the software offers custom views, multi-windows, corridor mode, and smart search. The CMS offers local recording that can be triggered via schedules or alarm events.

Signature ES-Station PC & Mac Software

Eclipse Signature Software

ES-Station CMS Software – Windows

ES-Station CMS Software – Mac

Guard Tool Utility Software

Guard Player


Unified management for Signature IP cameras, NVRs, hybrid NVRs, network keyboards, decoding devices, and etc.

Up to 512 local channels and 512 cloud channels; up to 64 local device and 64 cloud devices; add, edit and share cloud devices.

Efficient device management: Automatic device discovery (or search by network segment); add devices by IP address/domain name; add devices by Eclipse View; add devices and adjust the time in batch.

Diverse functions:

Live view: scene, custom layout, split screen, auxiliary screen display, corridor mode, sequence display, audio, two-way audio

Recording: local recording, alarm-triggered recording, scheduled recording, recording download

Playback: synchronous/asynchronous playback, instant playback, smart search, recording search by time/event, and play recordings on SD card

PTZ control: preset, preset patrol, recorded patrol, patrol plan

Alarm: Service alarm (event alarm, VCA alarm), device alarm (online/offline, etc.), alarm triggering (live view, etc.), real-time/history alarm management

People counting: statistics of people entered/left/entered and left, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly report export.

E-Map: hot spot, hot zone, eagle eye, and map alarm

Video wall: live view, sequence display and playback on video wall, alarm to video wall, open window(s) by one click, auto bind decoding channel, multi-window for one decoding channel, save and switch scene, small pixel pitch LED, virtual LED