16 Channel HD Multiplex 8MP Digital Video Recorder

This professional surveillance video recorder is capable of displaying, recording, and performing playback of video in resolutions of up to 8 megapixels!

Advanced Imaging Options

• Up to 8MP HD Video
• H.265 compression
• Dual stream recording
• 16 channel playback

Advanced Mechanical Design

• 4K (3840 x 2160) HDMI output
• 2 X SATA ports (Up to 8TB per HDD)
• 2 X USB ports
• Built-in RS485 port

Advanced Functionality

• QR Code for simple app setup
• P2P server for simple network setup
• AHD, TVI, CVI, IP, or CVBS input

Simple CMS software

Eclipse Pro Series CMS NVMS-1000

Network Surveillance Management Software

NVMS-1000 is a CMS software which is specially designed for network video surveillance using our Pro Series DVRs. Once installed the super administrator can control all Pro Series cameras to monitor live video, record video, playback video and backup video right from your PC.

Download software for PC & Mac

The latest version of this software

IP Tool

IP Tool software to help locate cameras on the network.

Available 24/7 from anywhere

Eclipse remote video technology allows users simple access to live or recorded video from anywhere directly on a mobile device, tablet, Mac or PC with no need for technical network or router configuration.

Protecting what’s important to you

Eclipse SuperLive Plus offers a future-proof solution that grows with your needs. Our software seamlessly allows remote connections to to all your cameras connected to pur Pro Series DVRs. You can remotely monitor and control all your locations from one software. It also offers tight integration with most all HD-Coax product on the market.

System recommendations

Operating   system requirements
Operating   system Recommendation
Windows   7 Windows 7 versions (32 bit64   bit, support SP1), Direct 11.0
Windows   8 Windows 8 versions (32 bit 64   bit), Direct 11.0
Windows 10
Recommended hardware   requirements
Parts Recommendation
CPU Intel Core Duo dual-core,   clocked at 2.6GHz or above
Memory XP system 2GB and above, WIN7   WIN8 system 2GB or above
HDD 250GB or above
GPU Discrete graphics, 512M memory   or above

Getting started with Eclipse ES-Station on your computer

NVMS how to playback and export

HOW TO: How to use our NVMS Software to view our Max Plex DVRS and NVRs

Guide: Max Plex NVMS Create Record Schedule

Guide: How to add and program an IP camera to our NVMS Software

Guide: Using our Mobile App Superlive Pro

Email Alert Setup on Max Plex DVRs

Guide: How to setup motion detection recording on our Max-Plex Series DVRs and NVRs

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