Monitor all foot traffic and record video with people counting to determine your busiest days and hours.


Eclipse ESG-IPDMS2F2 2 Megapixel Starlight Network IP Dome Camera Install cameras in shady and dark areas where shoplifting is more prevalent.


Monitor dressing room entrances for potential theft.

The retail industry makes billions of dollars every year and not surprisingly, it also loses billions of dollars to shoplifters and employee theft.

New HD security cameras are the perfect solution for retail locations and offer various advantages, For instance, decreased retail shrinkage, maximized retail store earnings, reduced insurance premiums, and undoubtedly a reduction in the number of robbery occurrences. Additionally, CCTV cameras aid to instill a safer, more welcoming atmosphere for customers.

Eclipse surveillance systems for retail industry

Install as many cameras as you need for your locations

Remotely monitor & playback your cameras from any device

Manage & control all your cameras and recorder in the cloud

Receive push notifications on your mobile phone as alerts happen in real time

Use built-in analytics such as face detection, people counting & line crossing to record detailed information

Eclipse Signature products are UL listed and certify that our products meet local & statewide building codes

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Why should you choose Eclipse for your Retail security?

Retail Security Benefits

Discounts for Insurance: Your retail outlet instantly ends up being considerably less of a liability when it is equipped with surveillance cameras. Across the country, State Farm and Farmers Insurance are just two examples out of the numerous coverage policy providers that offer reduced rates to businesses that have implemented retail oriented security systems.

Safe Workplace: As well as preventing break-ins, security cameras help develop a more secure place of work by monitoring workers and surveying the floor for various safety risks. Slip-and-fall scams, a crime that occurs frequently at commercial establishments, may be documented by surveillance cameras and later observed in the event that a customer or even a staff member attempts to sue your business for their bogus injury.

Vandalism and Theft Reduction: Petty shoplifters are much less likely to steal from your current storefront when they recognize they’re actually being watched by numerous video security cameras. Take additional measures by positioning surveillance cameras in high-theft locations such as cash registers, and also aisles and other high traffic areas where visibility is inadequate.

Remote Viewing: With the implementation of network video, you’ll possess remote accessibility to your video camera system. The crucial benefit of this feature is that you don’t need to physically be at your company storefront to manage your retail surveillance system; remote accessibility enables video camera viewing as well as management from any current Windows or Apple based computer, and/or Android/iOS based mobile device.

Flexibility: With HD video, you may view, record, and manage every one of your cameras at once. Even in a scenario where you have multiple locations or buildings, there is no need to worry about managing each system separately.

Advanced Performance: Integrated video intelligence, sophisticated features, and enhanced image quality help to make HD video systems a smart choice for retail surveillance applications. Antiquated analog security camera systems regrettably are just not able to offer the outstanding megapixel image resolutions that are typical of the HD systems available today.

Retail Store Common Crimes

Retail Store Common Crimes

Department store managers are continually struggling with how to deal

with the threats of shoplifting and employee theft. Luckily, HD surveillance camera systems will help decrease these occurrences by discouraging would-be criminals, and aiding in the effective prosecution of those who choose to proceed with their malicious intent . Shoplifters, as well as workers who recognize the retail store is equipped with retail surveillance cameras, are going to be much less likely to steal or participate in unlawful activities. Retail store surveillance cameras can easily help you recognize the individual who committed the offense with vibrant, clear images which are simple to produce and provide to law enforcement.

Shoplifting Concerns: There are a staggering $13.5 billion dollars worth of products and goods estimated to be shoplifted each and every year according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention. If this is not a good enough reason to have your retail store surveillance system installed right now, then what is? Seasoned shoplifters can be hard to wrangle by loss protection staff. Setting up retail security cameras rather than recruiting costly security officers will save you huge sums of money each year, and is among the more effective means of apprehending shoplifters without risking litigation due to improper handling of the situation by store staff.

Employee Crimes: In spite of thorough background investigations as well as interviews, absolutely no manager could ever be 100% guaranteed that a staff member will not steal. Observing playback of recorded video on your store CCTV surveillance cameras allows you to see instances of staff theft in order to terminate that individual promptly, press charges, as well as recuperate losses.

Sweethearting Problem: A number of retail store workers will offer unwarranted merchandise discounts to their family and friends by manually entering incorrect prices or perhaps failing to scan a product altogether. Sweethearting can often be overlooked by managers since workers have discovered discrete methods to sell reduced merchandise (or in some instances free items) at the point-of-sale. Retail outlet surveillance camera systems can even notify you when events occur in real time, making it possible for you to capture workers in the act so that you can take appropriate actions immediately.

Mob Rob Theft: Flash robs, a somewhat modern class of robbery, has become a major issue in metropolitan areas. Operating its way into another location each day, flash rob robbery is usually carried out by a large number of people. They raid a shop to grab products, at the same time tossing and damaging merchandise, while yelling or making menacing remarks, posing a serious danger to the employees as well as consumers. Retail store managers must never get involved or even attempt to use actual physical force during these normally hostile robberies. By employing the use of retail CCTV cameras, it is then possible to document the occurrence which will assist law enforcement to recognize and apprehend the individuals responsible.

Organized Crime: There are numerous complex underground shoplifting rings all over the USA. Members of such organizations typically walk very casually into department and grocery stores, nabbing small high-ticket items such as cosmetics, jewelry, and razors off of store shelves and cramming them into bags, simply darting out of the retail store where they have a waiting getaway driver. Retail store owners and security staff often do not even notice these pro shoplifters until it’s way too late and merchandise is missing. Retail security camera systems will record and document the perpetrator’s progress as he or she came in and out of the store, providing police with the visual evidence they need to identify and put a stop to these criminal enterprises.

Where to Install Retail CCTV Security Cameras

Each and every storefront is unique with regard to their overall size and product arrangement. Nevertheless, each one possesses one or more entries and exits, a sales floor and cash registers. Install security cameras in close proximity to high-traffic and under monitored areas within the store to help reduce retail crimes. Your cameras should also be oriented towards areas where you can spot employee thefts as well as time mismanagement.

Exits and Entrances: Install your retail surveillance cameras directly above or at least within close proximity of your store’s exits and entrances to monitor the movement of consumers as well as workers. This position offers a very clear perspective of every individual entering and exiting your storefront. With high-quality HD video, you will identify and recognize faces and record them

Cash Registers: The truth is, the cash register is an exceptionally vulnerable area and needs to be supervised constantly. Unscrupulous staff will steal right from the cash drawer. Managers have an ongoing set of duties, and can’t continually be there to guarantee all product sales for the day are accounted for. Retail surveillance cameras ought to be installed above the register to observe and monitor all activities occurring at the register, including purchases, reimbursements, and even money counting. To capture workers who you believe are sweethearting, video cameras must be mounted directly above the product scanner.

Sales Floors:  You will want to provide your sales floor with multiple surveillance cameras. Determined by the size of your store, you might need numerous security cameras to cover all areas of interest. Poorly lit aisles or even spots which are hard to see especially need to be supervised by video cameras. Shoplifters are inclined to gravitate towards store areas that are lacking adequate customer support reps and are easier targets to steal merchandise from.

Warehouses: Warehouses are often targeted by thieves with the intent to steal cargo or inventory. An estimated $500 million in stolen cargo is taken from loading trucks, warehouses, and docks yearly. CCTV security cameras mounted on drop ceilings, main ceilings or beams help to oversee and protect the inventory.

Parking Lot Security: Whenever a retail store or outlet has its own parking lot, give some thought to purchasing a video security system to protect this unique area. Automobile theft and break-ins are frequent at store parking lots that serve both workers and consumers. Setting up HD video security cameras in your parking facilities can make license plate identification achievable, which can be extremely useful in situations where a perpetrator has fled the location in his or her automobile.

Why choose Eclipse Security Products?

Eclipse is celebrating 20 years in business. Since 1998.

Eclipse Signature products are UL listed and approved by city, county and state inspectors.

All our Signature products have unique MAC addresses for added security & counterfeit protection.

Eclipse Signature offer USA based Cloud Management Servers for cloud management of your devices.

Eclipse Security products are offered by select authorized dealers.

Eclipse Security products are backed by 3 Year warranty.

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