Calculators are essential when choosing the correct security products. Eclipse makes it simple with a powerful collection of storage calculators. Just choose from the following calculators, provide your data and get the answer you need.

IP Lens Calculator

Determining the field of view for camera installations can be challenging. Using the following online calculator makes it simple. Simply add your requirements to determine the correct lens for your application. Calculate Here.

HDD Storage Calculator

Online Hard Drive Calculator

Use our Guard Tool to calculate Hard Drive capacity as well.

With the ever-changing HD resolutions offered with security cameras calculating storage can be problematic. Selecting the correct amount of hard drive storage for your recorder is important for your project. There are many variables one must take into consideration, such as the number of cameras, resolution, image quality, and frames per second. Luckily, our Guard Tool Utility Software offers a robust calculator that helps to determine your storage needs. Click on this link today!